Actionable Intelligence EDGE PROCESSING

Site IQ’s unique edge processing capabilities bring data storage and computation into the Site IQ OMNI device, so that all of the data is not shipped to the cloud for further processing.

Data is processed at the edge and the final state and meaningful messages are sent to the cloud for user and application consumption. Site IQ Edge devices are update capable and use modern technologies like Nodejs to support adhoc querying from the cloud if detailed diagnostic information is required.

Complex rules run on Site IQ OMNI devices to optimize data transmission and create actionable information at the source ready for Cloud usage.

Ease of update for all the rules with NODE.JS technology and modular software architecture allow limitless evolution for OMNI functionality.

Novel message policy technology allows a granular control on information dispatching frequency and persistence.

Edge web diagnostics/setup to ease installation and troubleshooting, for truly plug and play usage.