One Connectivity

Site IQ has developed a novel ‘One wireless’ solution for connectivity. This solution is simple, secure and flexible. A site owner can now bypass all wires, corporate networks and backroom modules while installing Omni devices for remote access.

The solution consists of a self healing Wireless Mesh architecture that allows all dispensers in the forecourt to communicate with each other (Wireless Cloud Cluster). A mesh network maintains connectivity regardless of obstructions and interference prevalent in any wifi solution. In addition, a Gateway node syncs with all the satellite nodes via the mesh and directly connects to the Site IQ cloud (see diagram below). This approach has several benefits including:

Ease of installation: The ‘nodes’ pair automatically with each other, using an internal IP scheme, without any interference with existing site IP networks. Installation requires access to the Gateway node only.

Resilience: To solve any temporary ‘line of sight’ obstacles that would affect ‘line of sight’ solutions

Redundancy: Reliable backup wireless communication path in case of sudden disruption of forecourt wiring.

Coverage: Several Clusters can be configured in the same retail site, to solve any size or distance issue. Each Cluster independently reaches SiteIQ cloud assuring no single point of failure for remote management.

Security: Mesh network is not discoverable via normal devices like cell phones/ laptops.
Addtl encryption layer over the mesh network added to the application level security (TLS2).

Safety: Mesh works with low power wireless communication, hence it assures safety in the forecourt.

Direct Cellular connection from the gateway node: One LTE/4G modem for each cluster minimizes communication costs while assuring higher reliability. Connectivity for cloud-based computing is maintained through an independent secure cellular connection

Wifi connectivity from the gateway node: This can be directly connected to any wifi router inside the store, such as a Managed router, secure zone router etc.