Software Web Solution

Site IQ has developed a suite of Cloud based software applications to make the data from a dispenser more actionable. Whether you are a service company or a Retailer, you can now access all the data and actionable insights you need in real time from any device of your choice. The platform currently includes 3 connected modules to allow end to end management of a network of sites.

Dashboards: View data in real-time and take actions to remotely fix problems. Drill down to identify the root cause of problems for troubleshooting.

Alert Management Workflow: A sophisticated rules based engine enables alerts to be filtered based on criteria established and the workflow solution allows a remote help desk to manage alert tickets in an organized and efficient manner.

Analytics, Reporting: A powerful Business Intelligence tool is integrated into the platform allowing for pattern analysis, drill down capabilities and much more.

Software Mobile Solution

In today’s world of connected devices, clients expect information at their fingertips. Site IQ has developed a mobile platform offering Error code translation with troubleshooting guides, real time alerts, notifications, and actionable intelligence. These mobile apps are available in both Android and IOS platforms and are seamlessly integrated with the web-based applications to provide an end to end solution.

Error Code App: the ‘nodes’ pair automatically with each other , using an internal IP scheme, without any interference with existing site IP networks. Installation requires access to the Gateway node only.

Alert Data App Access data alerts in real time and be notified of critical alerts even while you are not logged in. Site IQ mobile application provides a user access to all the critical alerts and dashboards to make it easy to view status of alerts at any dispenser. You can also Reboot (warm start) a dispenser from your phone and reset software.