One Device


OMNI works in every commonly found Wayne or Gilbarco dispensers.

image OMNI is installed in a dispenser and allows enhanced control of remote management functions
image OMNI is a True Edge device with powerful computing capabilities
image OMNI processes and parses data on the Edge thereby simplifying data management
image OMNI is developed with multiple connectivity options including Mesh, Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth and Cellular
image OMNI comes equipped with several sensors including temperature, humidity and door sensors.

One Platform


image One platform to monitor and manage your entire network of sites.

image Our cloud-based platform is built using the latest AWS technologies

image Access your data from any laptop, tablet or mobile phone

image Our End to end platform includes the following key components:


Workflow solution

Rules Engine

Analytical Tool

image We don’t flood you with streams of data. We only offer ‘Actionable data’ to help you solve problems


One Connectivity

One wireless connection. Bypass all wires, corporate networks and backroom modules

image A mesh network in the forecourt allows all dispensers to communicate with each other adding redundancy and resilience

image A secure channel of communication.

image Flexible options to connect to the cloud include:

Direct Cellular or wifi connectivity through an IP gateway in the forecourt

Connectivity via a managed router inside the store

image Simplified configuration for IP connectivity. Only one access point needs to be configured and onboarded


Actionable Intelligence

Less is more! We don’t flood you with irrelevant data. We offer you ‘Actionable Intelligence’ to solve business problems.

Our device works 24 hrs a day constantly processing and parsing dispenser data using our algorithms

We have years of experience fine tuning our algorithms to pull only the data needed to solve problems

We have significant flexibility to add/modify our data algorithms to fit client’s needs.


Data Anywhere

We offer data when and where you need it. Our flexible API’s allow you to ingest data into all your internal systems

We realize our clients have their internal systems and processes and cannot always use 3rd party solutions as a primary platform. With that in mind, we have developed a full suite of data API’s

Our API’s are developed with flexibility to customize per client requirements

We offer system integration services to our clients to ensure full satisfaction with our data products

Ease of Doing Business

We are obsessed with the ‘EASY’ button in every aspect of our business.

We are a nimble technology start up. Our products and platforms reflect our core philosophy

We make it easy for our partners to do business with us

Our products and platforms are fully customizable to fit the needs of our partners. A client can subscribe to our entire platform or select a handful of datapoints to be fed to their internal systems via an API or license a specific workflow software to be embedded into their ERP system etc.


Data & Technology

Collectively, we have over 100 years of experience in data management, internet device development, telematics, M2M, internet technologies, streaming analytics and cloud computing.


We pride ourselves on our speed of execution. We move fast and work 24x7 using a hybrid onshore/offshore model operations to deliver results for our clients.

User Experience

We view technology as an enabler and a superior user experience as our core belief.